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Cyber Security

As the internet connectivity continues to grow with more businesses, people and things being interconnected, there is also growth of unrelenting cyber-threats from groups, individuals and entities that have made it their intent on discovering vulnerabilities on system for exploitation. Codelinc Technologies is a Cyber-security company in Kenya that has skilled professionals to solve all your digital security needs. Businesses, individuals, homes and both government and no governmental organization continues to face cyber-security threats each day. We will help you in identifying and your cyber-security risks that you could be facing. Most businesses believe when they buy a security tool such as firewall, antivirus and IDS they are secure, this is wrong since technology alone cannot prevent your business from being attacked. This is why you need security professionals to assess and offer you advisory on how you can harden your security. We are that partner who can help you achieve all this through our highly skilled team.


Who are our main clients ?

  • Healthcare facilities.
  • Financial institutions.
  • Government agencies.
  • Tech Companies.
  • Celebrities.
  • Small businesses.
  • Educational institutions.
  • Insurance Companies.
  • Political organizations.

Incidence response

Codelinc technologies being a cyber-security company in Kenya, we offer incidence response services to businesses that have been attacked. We always advice our client to have an incidence response plan always since there is no guarantee that you are 100% secure from cyber-attacks. However, in case your business is attacked and you don’t have a plan our team has the practical experience to manage complex security breaches. We can help to stop further damage through our speedy Incidence response services at a very affordable cost. Codelinc technologies will never leave you at the time of your need all you have to do is to call our support team.

Define what users can and must do to use your network and organization's computer equipment. It defines what limitations are put on users to keep the network secure such as whether they can install programs on their workstations, types of programs they can use, and how they can access data.

Any business that has an internet connection or even a network and use this network to connect to its information system infrustructure is always susceptible to cyber attacks

Antivirus is one of the tools used to prevent a virus or malware from infecting your computer. however antivurus alone is not a sure preventi ve measure since there are new viruses and malware which are being created each day evading antivirus. seek for other protective tools such as firewall and IDs in addition to ensure that your network is also secured.