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Digital Forensics

If you are looking for digital forensics services in Kenya? Codelinc Technologies is the best company that can help you solve your problem. We deal with both criminal and civil matters when extracting digital evidence through the use of our cutting edge tools and technology. We can also help you recover data from your computer, server, mobile phone, network or even digital camera. The information which we can recover follow international standard of evidence collection and therefore can be presented in court or other places to be relied upon as evidence.


Why Digital Forensic is Important in Kenya ?

  • Evidence during criminal cases
  • During divorce and infidelity hearing
  • When there is business espionage investigation
  • During arson and fire breakout and critical information is lost
  • In case of a cyber-attack and want to find how it happened
  • Cyber-security insurance will request for a digital forensic audit to determine how the incident occurred
  • When there is a fraud investigation, e.g. insurance fraud claims, financial frauds in businesses etc

Digital Forensic Services Available at Codelinc Technologies

  • Computer forensics
  • Mobile forensics
  • Automotive forensics
  • Audio and video forensics
  • Forensic accounting

Protecting your business against cyber-attacks which can be from external and internal sources is the primary responsibilities of the management. Disgruntled employees may sabotage business in order to revenge for demotion, disciplinary action or even termination of services. Most common damage which we can help to investigate include

  • Deleting of important files
  • Downloading of unauthorized content
  • Stealing and sharing of trade secrets
  • Encrypting files

Therefore if you suspect your employees are involved in any form of computer malpractice we have the best expertise to solve this problem for you.

The first and important thing that you should do is to confiscate the equipment such as computer or any other electronic gadget in question to prevent recoverable evidence from being damaged or overwritten.

when you notice

  1. many failed logins attempt
  2. Activity occurred during non working hours
  3. Receive a ransomeware extortion email
  4. when your IDS detect remote attacks

With Digital forensics in case your business information systems is breached, we will locate, gather and analize the evidence left behind and report the findings that can be used for insurance purposes, legal cases litigation as well as compliance purposes.