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Physical Security

Codelinc Technology offers a wide range of services to client In regard to IT services. Apart from cyber security, digital forensics, web development, software development and Trainings. We have realized in the course of our work that most of the breaches on network and other areas of many business occurs due to poor physical security. Many businesses did not take seriously their physical security and how people access to key areas where their information system can be compromised. Employees must be limited to what they access including key rooms where databases and server have been stored. Proper access control policy should in place to give proper guidelines on who is in charge of what in the organization.

Some of the measures that can be used to maintain integrity of data and protection against unauthorized access is use of encryption of data at rest and that which is at transit. However, it is also important to ensure there is a good physical security which is place such as access control that can help to limit movements of people in key areas such as server rooms as well as stores where IT devices are stored. We have a professional team that can help in installation of access control systems ranging from door locks to even gate access system.

  • CCTV Installations.
  • Access Control System.
  • Data Analytics System.
  • Networking Services.
  • Consultation Services.
  • Hardware Repair.

Data Analytics

At Codelinc Technologies we have realized that most of the information which is generated by automated system businesses have invested on is not fully utilized. That’s why we decided to offer data analysis services which include development of dashboard where businesses can analyze the data collected over time and be capable of deducing trend that can help in decision making. When a business identify the pattern of its sale then it can make better decision with predictive information avaible from past performance. Our team of programmers understand key area which can help to move your business into a new level.


Codelinc Technology also offer networking services for businesses and people who may need these services. Network is the communication channel between your business or home to the rest of the world. We understand how securing network is important and we have perfected in using highly secure network devices that can protect your business from being attacked. We offer networking services to new buildings or even old building that may not have been networked.

The best way you can increase security in your IT room or server Room is through ensuring that you have access control measures that ensure that only authorized people are allowed inside. CCTV can also be used to ensure in case of a breach there can be investigation evidence that can be used of what happened.

There are various way of analyzing data that has been stored for over along time. There are various tools that are used for this purpose but they are customized to fit different business needs. Some system may need artificial intelligent system that will be used to analyze data as they come fast and in varying format.

There are many businesses which built their network a long time ago to facilitate communication with other parties. However, there is a need to ensure that your network conform to best network security standards to avoid being compromised. At Codelinc we offer penetration testing where we test how your network is resilient to cyber attacks and advice you accordingly in our findings.