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Corporate Training

Corporate Training

Training is one of the best way to improve competency and productivity among employees. Codelinc Technologies understand how important training can be to organization with IT infrastructure. Computer users may not have technical understanding in IT related matters such as application use or even computer policies. We provide hands on training on various cyber-security areas to professionals who may need to sharpen their skills in combating this problem. We have partnered with recognized institution to offer certification training in Cyber security field. We also offer cyber security awareness training to all computer users in organization. In cyber-security human element is the weakest link and without proper training your business will always be at risk of being attacked. Criminals have discovered this weakness and usually exploit it using social engineering tactics to get into valuable resources in an organization.

We Have Various Plan That You Can Request From Codelinc Technologies

  1. Recruitment Training
  2. We offer post recruitment IT training to candidates that corporate have decided to hire. You can request our company to train a candidate to go through a skill training at an affordable fee. This training is important since it help to turn your recruits to be highly productive resources as soon as they join your team.
  3. Issue Based Training
  4. Whenever there is a change of the policies or design of an application that require training of employees, then we can offer a customized training program that allow equip computer users with the necessary skill and knowledge required. We also offer cyber-security awareness program to employees of your organization. We create tailored training plan that affect your business and ensure that all computer users are aware of the threats that can cause unauthorized access of the system as well as data loss.
  5. Certifications
  6. We have cyber security certification plans that we organize for professionals. We offer these training in our premises and we can also arrange with the business on the venue of the training if it is a sponsored training.

This depend with the quoram if there are enough people to conduct a training we can do it inhouse or at another venue which all participant will agree.

For those who would like to get certification from EC-council will have to pay for the examination fee and arrangement to have their preparation with us will be made. however for those who will not pay for external examination will have a certificate from us for the training that they undertook

Cyber Security is the resposibility of everyone., jus like national security everybody needs to learn how they can protect themselves online including the kids. Therefore we offer cybersecurity training to everyone who want to learn how to improve privacy online and when in a network.